Mager has a 300m² workshop and 1500m² yard, and carries out steel fabrication and repairs. Welding repairs and maintenance are carried out for trailers, boats, trucks, mobile plant and vehicles on a regular basis.

The fabrication division carries out 500 jobs per annum. Some of the fabrication jobs include street furniture, clock tower, steel windows, handrails, beams, stair stringers, viewing platforms, steel pole houses, portal frames, sheds, gates, slashing mower repairs, sliding garage doors.

The steel fabrication division has a large workshop with facilities for punching, shearing, rolling, bending, guillotine, folding and drilling of metal products.  We have welding machines for mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Site welding for steel, stainless, and aluminium are also available.

Mager uses various forms of computer aided drafting for the preparation of workshop drawings

Fabrication Division.
Drafting  Division.
Fabrication Equipment.
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Steel Division, Plant Hire
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Fabrication Capability and Plant.
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